Lightweight portable ceiling hoist weighing 5.5kg

Weighing only 5.5kg with battery and 4.3kg without, the Voyager Portable is one of the lightest units available today. The easy grip handle and rubber feet make it easy to carry and set down anywhere. Voyager will accommodate most patients with it’s high lift capacity of 200kg and it’s rechargeable battery can perform up to 30 lifts.

The Voyager Portable hoist, Easytrack and Easytrack FS systems combine to form a unique portable overhead lifting solution for the home, care home and hospital environment. Whether it’s for home-care, an emergency or temporary solution, or just that a fixed ceiling lifter is not suitable, the Voyager Portable provides the perfect answer.

The Easytrack system is a unique overhead portable track designed for the Voyager Portable hoist. It requires no permanent fixings, no structural alterations and can be assembled in as little as 5 minutes by just one person.

The Easytrack FS is a lightweight, free-standing portable overhead track system, based on many of the same principles as the current Easytrack range. Unlike the existing Easytrack system, the Easytrack FS does not rely on support from the ceiling thereby removing any potential structural issues that may be encountered.

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