The Monarch Fixed Ceiling Hoist is a complimentary product to other products for individuals with mobility challenges. It is designed for use by caregivers and health professionals to lift and transfer a person in a home-care, assisted-living or hospital environment.

The Monarch Fixed Ceiling Hoist is one of the only ceiling hoists on the market using reliable lithium ion (Li-ion) battery technology. Most competitor products use Lead-acid (heavy, toxic, low cycle life) or NiMh.

  • Unique spreader bar with secure sling mechanism
  • Fast- lifts up to 30% more quickly than other models
  • Low lift clearance- slim profile means more room to maneuver patient
  • Li-ion battery- recharges twice as fast as average competitor products
  • Ultra lightweight- weighing 8kg 35% lighter than other competitors
  • 200kg/ 270kg safe working load
  • Ideal for nursing homes, hospitals or domestic use

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