Remove all the effort of pushing and manoeuvring patient stretchers!

  • Steer and drive with the touch of your fingers
  • Drives faster than you can walk, stops faster than you can!
  • Incredibly light and easy to move, with up to 300kg of patient weight
  • Power drive unit can be post fitted to most select patient care trolleys

Take all the human effort out of pushing and jostling stretchers with an intuitive and intelligent drive system designed for easy use by any operator. Natural movement controls the speed and direction of the stretcher with the ability to stop very quickly by pulling back.

Help prevent the most common carer strain injuries by taking the back twist out of moving a stretcher forwards, backwards and sideways. Importantly, we haven’t overlooked safety features such as emergency stop and system lock out, which are standard.

Add this system to our traditional stretcher designs such as Classic, Deluxe and Multi-X to take both standard and bariatric patient transport to a new level in carer welfare.

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