About Us

Who we are

Regency Mediquip CentreRMC is an Australian owned company that has been supplying and servicing healthcare equipment since 1978. We are privately owned and managed. As a company our focus is excellence in patient care, and our desire to see the best possible care for the aged and disabled. From this desire springs the will to learn, and consolidate knowledge about everything patient care related. We then team up with therapists, nurses and other industry professionals to provide the highest level of patient care possible

What we do

On a daily basis our sales and management teams work together with industry professionals to build care solutions for the aged and disabled. Once the solution has been created, our customer service and delivery teams kick in to ensure the equipment is delivered as fast and safely as possible. After the equipment has been delivered, the whole team then works together along with carers and facilities to ensure the equipment continues to provide trouble free service for years to come.

P: 02 6862 1300
F: 02 6862 6312
E: sales@regencyparkes.com.au
A: 8 Royal St, Parkes NSW 2870